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Rhino have developed an unrivalled sales process that has dovetailed into a wide variety of in-dealership showroom event. Widely recognised within the motor industry, our events boost retail sales and give your customers the best experience possible when buying their next car. We partner with manufacturers, dealer groups and owner operators across the UK and the rest of Europe. Whether you operate a volume or premium brand dealership, Rhino have a solution for you.

With 1,000 Sales Events each year at dealerships across the UK and Europe, our Events boost your Sales and give your customers the best experience possible when buying their next car.
Jonny May - Sales Director

"Having just completed our Golden Ticket Event, firstly I want to say a big thank you to the whole team at Rhino. The backup support we received for our event was absolutely first class! This has resulted in one of our best ever events retailing an impressive 63 cars across the 4 days. Thanks once again to all the team!"

Stuart Hill - General Sales Manager Rybrook BMW Warwick


"Swansway Garages have been using Rhino VIP and Golden Ticket Events for the past 6 years. The events form an integral part of our tactical marketing plans across all our 13 sites.

If executed with enthusiasm and a timely manner, the events are invaluable and can be crucial in securing units and profit during the plate change months, meeting the expectations of both our share holders and manufacturer partners."

Peter Smyth - Director, Swansway Garages

Audi, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Honda, SEAT, Citroen, Fiat, Arbarth, Jeep, Land Rover

"We have utilised Rhino Events for the last 4 years for both our BMW and MINI franchises.

The events have always been incredibly powerful in helping us achieve our retail sales objectives on both new and used cars.

They have also proved extremely effective and profitable in retailing wholesale stock vehicles, as well as achieving strong success in our area of focus for that period.

Having delivered outstanding results and profit each time, Rhino Events remain firmly part of our marketing plan moving forward!"

Chris Eccles - Managing Director, Bowker Motor Group


"We’ve been doing The Rhino VIP Event twice a year with them since 2009. Each year the appointments booked and the order take continues to increase! 

During our most recent 4-day event we secured a record 1650 appointments and retailed 802 new and used vehicles across 17 of our locations. This went a massive way towards helping us hit our manufacturer targets for the quarter."

James Reeve - Marketing Director, Pentagon Motor Group

Vauxhall, Peugeot, Nissan, SEAT, Citroen, Mazda, Renault, Dacia, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Mitsubishi.

"Williams Group have operated Rhino’s VIP Event on a number of occasions and each time they have proven to be a great success. What Rhino are particularly effective at is generating high volumes of genuine appointments. What is particularly pleasing is that virtually all the appointments turn up and the appointment to sales ratio has been incredible in my experience. Furthermore, the average retained margins for the vehicles sold during the events has been strong so the increase in volume doesn’t come by distressing margin."

Damian Boneham - Dealer Principal, Williams Stockport


"In life you don’t get many guarantees, however this is a bold statement but very true:

By staging a Rhino Event you will increase sales by up to 50% of your normal run rate – guaranteed!

I have used Rhino for the past 10 years, and as long as you embrace the event you will see a huge spike in your ordertake, the feeling from the event is equivalent to the first day of a major store holding a sale, the urgency from staff, customers is such that everyone gets carried on an amazing crest of a wave that only brings one thing - success!

The support you will get from Rhino is excellent, their events are a proven recipe for success and they work every single time!"

Mark Laming - Director, Ocean Automotive


"I was very sceptical of the Rhino VIP Event initially but after giving it a go we’ve now completed five events! As a business we’re self-sufficient and have an in house marketing team that have the potential to deliver an event like this however when you break down the elements and then look at the Rhino package it’s a no brainer. Rhino make the event itself an experience both for customers and the entire team at each retailer. What makes the event truly successful is taking on board the advice from the Rhino team; follow their best practice and you will sell cars in huge volumes whilst also avoiding any vacuum effect in the weeks after the event, it’s now a regular part of our group marketing plan."

Chris Slater - General Manager Pulman Group

Volkswagen - SKODA - SEAT

"Given our previous experience of sales events organised by other companies, we remained sceptical until we met Rhino!

Following a recommendation, we decided to give their VIP Event a go and were delighted (and a little surprised!) with the results. We found the event to be extremely well organised and the marketing and communication with customers to be of the highest quality. Our customers also seemed to like the format.

We have now run 7 Rhino Events and each has been a success, generating over 60% sales rates from the appointments made. They have provided a focus for the quarter and have helped us greatly in achieving our manufacturer targets, as well as reducing the need for pre-registration. They will continue to be an important part of our marketing."

David Alexander - Managing Director, Alexanders Teesside & York

Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Fiat, Abarth, Nissan

"We have been running Rhino VIP Showroom Events for the last few years, each time with great success. What sets a Rhino Event apart is the ’completeness’ of the overall package which genuinely brings a sense of occasion to the business which both customers and colleagues really engage with. We passionately believe that a key ingredient to the successful execution of a Rhino Event is to follow the proven formula as laid out in the team briefing meetings with particular attention to the Sales Manager’s phone call to confirm the appointment and pre-qualify the customer. By doing this, we have come to expect a conversion ratio of at least 50% of confirmed appointments to sales during a typical event."

Tim Pickering - Managing Director, Vision Motors Ltd


"We began our partnership with Rhino in 2012 and have just completed our 5th annual VIP Sales Event for both our BMW and MINI franchises. Sales results have been consistently high each year with a conversion rate of over 50% of the guests attending deciding to purchase a car, not to mention further incremental sales and aftersales business prompted by the event in the weeks after. The attention to detail and support from the Rhino team has been exceptional and combined with the efforts of our staff have ensured that the event continues to be extremely successful. The Rhino VIP Sales Event is a highlight in our sales and marketing calendar and highly anticipated by our staff and customers each year."

Mark Bradley - Head of Business, Frank Keane BMW Dublin


"We have now staged five Rhino Events all of which have been a phenomenal success! On each and every occasion the whole process and delivery by the Rhino team was faultless. The Events are now viewed as ‘great fun’ by our staff simply because they are undertaken with military precision and our customers simply love the ‘party’ atmosphere generated at the dealership.

‘RHINO' is now the first entry into our annual marketing plan!"

Robin Webb - Dealer Principal, Keith Motors


"This was the first time we have ever held such an event and in fairness it was due to the advice from our franchise. Because we regularly communicate to our database, I was sceptical of the predicted results and of the results achieved by others. However, we totally endorsed the event and got everyone in the dealership to buy into it and contribute both in the organising and during the event as well. Our results were incredible…101 appointments with 100% turnout, 83 sales (56 new & 27 used cars)…a staggering 82.1% conversion rate and exceptional profit earned too! The quality of the marketing material from Rhino and the showroom transformation was absolutely exceptional. The professionalism of the team at Rhino Events helped to make the event a total success. Believe me – you must do one!"

Terry Critchlow - Managing Director, Silbury Skoda